Read and Listen to Social News

From now on, you can not only read the latest news and stories from your favorite blogs, magazines, newspapers and social networks but also listen to them like an mp3 player. Please don’t try to read an article or a message from your friend any more while moving, just listen!

Main Features of NewsPlayer

Simply pick your favorite topics

  • NewsPlayer makes it easy to add news sources you care about by providing them by categories such as News, Tech&Science, Sports, Fun&Humor and Edu&Books.
  • If you want more, use the search bar to find feeds in the world.

Social networking

  • You can also read and listen to your friends’ messages from Facebook or Twitter and share interesting articles, pictures and videos via SNS or email.

Placement and group management of all your content

  • Change the order of sources you added and manage them by groups.

High-quality offline speech service

  • NewsPlayer uses the world-best TTS(Text to Speech) technology which is embedded in an app so it offers natural voices without slow loading times and additional data charges.

Various speech settings

  • You can listen to English in 4 different kinds of voices(US male/female, UK male/female) and choose them depending on the part where he or she speaks(title, content or message).
  • In addition, the speaking rate is controlled for English learners.

Player and playing in background

  • Tap play, pause, (skip)back or (skip)forward buttons like using an audio player.
  • The speech service works in background and is controlled by your headphone.


Simple and Intuitive design

Tap to view the news and double tap to listen to it, or Use player buttons


Natural speech service

High-quality offline text to speech and Various speech settings


Well-categorized news sources

U.S. and Korean feeds by categories, and Your social networks



NewsPlayer demo video