Privacy Camera

Camera should not make the shutter sound to take candid photos of a baby or to photograph yourself without attracting attention. Manage your private photos using secret albums, decorate photos with filter effects/editing/drawing and share them via SNS or other apps.

Main Features of Privacy Camera

Photo Taking

  • Camera shutter sound On/Off(Use iPhone’s silent switch), Volume control
  • Select shutter sound(normal, beep, animals, scream, gunshot, kiss, etc.).
  • Convenient shoot by button or screen touch
  • 3 types of resolution(low/mid/high)
  • Grid, Auto/Manual focus, Timer/Burst shoot, etc.

Photo Management

  • Manage photos by folders.
  • Lock your private albums.
  • Move photos to iPhone albums or private albums.

Photo Decoration

  • Filters(Posterize, Saturate, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Noise, etc.)
  • Vertical/Horizontal flip, CW/CCW rotation
  • Draw with palette.

Share one or more photos

  • to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr.
  • via other apps like Evernote installed on your iPhone.
  • via email, copy&paste.


Intuitive and Simple UI

Photos and Folders in ONE screen

Photo decoration with a variety of tools

Photo sharing