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NewsPlayer: The Best Way to Get Your Morning News – The iPhone App Review

NewsPlayer is an application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The point of NewsPlayer is to read you all the news you want. Yes, the app actually reads it to you. It uses a computer voice which actually sounds better than you might think. This application can be a perfect way to jump start [...]

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NewsPlayer 1.0 – Read and Listen to Social News, featured in What’s Hot

Recently launched by software developer LinkDotz Inc., NewsPlayer lets you not only read the latest news and stories from your favorite blogs, magazines, newspapers and social networks but also listen to them like an mp3 player. It was chosen as new and noteworthy app and is being featured in what's hot in app stores by [...]

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[주목!글로벌앱]<5>플레이스박스 – 전자신문

링크닷츠의 '플레이스박스(PlaceBox)'는 위치기반 글로벌 지역 정보 검색과 여행기에 특화된 애플리케이션이다. 식당·주유소·주차장·ATM·클럽 등 사람들이 많이 찾는 장소를 100여개 카테고리로 분류해 쉽게 검색한다. 세계 어디서든 상세한 지역정보를 확인하고 앱에서 바로 카메라 사용이 가능해 사진 찍고 앨범을 확인할 수 있다. 간단한 메모는 물론 장소와 사진이 포함된 여행 다이어리로 활용 가능하며 장소와 사진·메모 등 다양한 콘텐츠를 포함한 여행기를 트위터와 [...]

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PlaceBox Location App Free for a Limited Time

LinkDotz's new app PlaceBox has earned an enthusiastic fan base due to its broad range of capabilities, intuitive interface, practical applications and social sharing potential. Now, the popular new app will be offered on iTunes for no cost for a limited time. PlaceBox is the ideal utility for finding locations via its unique category based [...]

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Find Any Place Nearby With PlaceBox – Appbite

Traveling or just moving from one place to another can be very fun, but very tiring also. Especially when you go to a completely different place from home. You don't know where to eat, what to drink, what parks are near you, what museums, shops or hotels. And if you have an emergency, you might [...]

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